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A glance, a day, a peek, a drive, a laugh; No matter the time spent, every adventure is unique in its own way.

2 Days_Rugote “Petite Western” Mystery

Being the Pearl of Africa, Uganda has so much to see and experience that even in a full month, you would still not exhaust everything. However, dive into an amazing two days safari in Western Uganda. This short adventure takes you to Lake Mburo National Park; one of Uganda’s smallest savannah parks and the closest

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3 Days_Rugote “Thunderous Roar” Getaway

Are you dreaming of a place somewhere far away beyond the city lights? Pack your bags and leave the noise that you can’t tone out. A three days Murchison Falls National Park to the oldest and largest National Park in Uganda is perfect for you. Spot Africa’s Big five; the Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, and

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3 Days_ Rugote “The Queen Herself” Safari

Experience the sights and sounds of the wildlife in their natural habitat, cruise on the arguable world’s longest channel known as the Kazinga Channel, watch African/Ugandan authentic tales described through cultural dances, and get lost in the moment you lay your eyes on the unbelievable scenery.

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1 Day_Rugote “Kampala City” Tour

A day to remember by exploring the iconic city. Uncover the history and the hidden mysteries that bring life to the city with the help of in-depth knowledge from our guides. From the sacred buildings, the local markets, the taste of traditional food to intense cultural wakefulness.

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