Rugote's Oruramburo

The Oruramburo Tour (a local Rukiga Dialect for a Safari)
Seek an adventure that is life changing with a bag and Camera in hand by capturing iconic pictures of beautiful and stunning views of the scenery, sights and sounds of Wildlife in their natural habitat and the vast authentic diverse traditional cultures.

11 Days_Rugote “Ultimate Game & Exclusive Primate” Safari

The only way to understand and describe a Safari is to experience it. Plunge into an incredible Quadruple Safari National Park journey with up-close insights and sounds of the wild and nature. The highlight of this Tour is to connect with the captivating Wild in four different National Parks of the country, the exceptional landscape

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4 Days_Rugote “Engagi” Gorilla Safari

Uganda is the Pearl of the wildest continent in the world with so many mysteries. Get captivated by the sights and sounds from the magical Scenery, the trek with the Legendary Ape, and experience the various authentic African Cultures that will leave you speechless.

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8 Days_Rugote “Cultural Oruramburo” Safari

Immerse yourself into a unique experience of an infusion of Culture and a Safari. This tour will depict the vast indigenous cultural diversity, identity & lifestyle. From the exploration of different traditions, local languages to the customs of the natives of the communities. What is a little Culture without a little Safari?

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4 Days_Rugote “Oruramburo” Safari

Exploring an unspoiled Adventure with your own eyes is an experience that cannot be substituted for anything else. You are guaranteed to be breath taken from the endless Savannah plains, a wide range of diverse Wildlife, the magical phosphene primate encounter, the beautiful landscapes, and to the authentic African cultural diversities.

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