4 Days_Rugote “Abakundeine” Tropical Icy Bae-cation

Experience the Tropical Icy Bae-cation that includes Adventure, Romance, and Fun. Do not let anyone dull your spark because often, Love is made new. This Abakundeine getaway is undoubtedly perfect and Sparkly.

Package Timeline

Day 1

Travel to Western Uganda

Escape to the beautiful Kabale District which is sometimes called “Keystone” in the local dialect of Rukiga, meaning a small stone. Given that its landscape is hilly, celebrate your love with an expectation of frequent rainfall and cold nights. The Adventure begins beneath your feet with an Equator experience by standing in between two sides of the world (The Northern and Southern Hemisphere). 7Have some memorable moments by taking pictures before resuming the Adventure and purchase some souvenirs. To avoid saying “I am sorry for what I said when I was Hungry”, we will have a lunch stopover in Mbarara Town before we proceed to Kabale Town and later on continue to Lake Bunyonyi. Arrive at the Lodge located in the “Place of many Little Birds” also known as Lake Bunyonyi (the birding paradise). Have picturesque and breath-taking views of the second deepest lake in Africa’s crystal-like clear waters, steep terraces, and many more.
Day 1

Day 2

Chirp Chirp Love Treat

With Adventure, you do not search for something Wild to Tame in your Partner, but that something Wild to run with. Start the Wild day on a 25 seater motor launch Quad Bike, explore the rough terrain (hills) and Islands. Plunge into a romantic picnic lunch and enjoy a meal outdoors while encircled by terraced hills. “There is no remedy for love but to love more”- Henry David Thoreau, Toast to that twinkle in your love with views of the Lake, dotted with many small Islands. Relish in the traditional meets international cuisines while having a uniquely serene candlelit dinner with a sky full of stars and a moon glade on the Lake.
Day 2

Day 3

Let-up Treat

Wake up to birds chirping to a melody that only you can comprehend. Choose between two options of participating in a nature walk or having a “stay” room cation for the morning. A search for the “two to become one” wholeness, may be experienced through a nature trail by discovering picturesque landscapes, farms, and the local people of the Island. Let the wind carry the soothing cries of the hills, the trees rustle over your heads, and lead your Souls back Home. OR A state of Dysania is completely understandable. Stay in the comfort of your room, the order in, reminisce, and take time to get utterly lost in each other’s space. For an unforgettable late afternoon bliss, go for a one-hour Boat Cruise. Carry your excitement for breath-taking scenery, binoculars (for the bird enthusiasts), and a camera to take mesmerizing pictures of the sun gently hitting the Lake. There are some Islands with an unforgettable history like; The Bushara Island – it is rumored that Lake Bunyonyi might have got its name “a place of many little birds” from this Island because of diversity in nature (for example; eucalyptus, shrubs, and many more) and Habitation of over 200 bird species. The Akampene Island (known as the Punishment Island) – where unmarried Pregnant girls were left to drown if they tried to swim back to the shore or left to starve to death. The Bwana Island (formerly known as the lepers’ colony) & Njuyeera (Sharp’s Island) – where the leprosy hospital was founded to eradicate it by a missionary called Dr. Leonard Sharp. It is still known for having been converted to Schools (both Primary and Secondary) and having one of the best views of the Lake.
Day 3

Day 4

Departure to Kampala

Have a last glance at the Lake and its dots of Islands as you are taking a morning breakfast. “In life, it is not where you GO, it is who you TRAVEL with”- Charles Schulz
Day 4

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