3 Days_Rugote “Friend-Cation” Zen-Treat

Find that missing puzzle piece that surfaces when you are not together. Redefine that genuine friendship that is rare to find with a Zen retreat. Restore your mind and body with a dip into the pool, yoga session, riding bikes, and a community walk.

Package Timeline

Day 1

The Journey

That moment when you feel out of touch with your friends, celebrate your love for each other and unending friendships with a trip beyond the city lights and noisy urban life. Friends that travel together stay together, whether you live right next to each other or have a long-distance friendship. An escape from your life inner circle is one of the most freeing experiences in the world. Create a playlist of the most popular songs and classics that you love. Start the Zen cation with an afternoon dip into and lounge by the pool with the most important people in your lives.
Day 1

Day 2

The Bond

In order to have a productive day, one must focus on relaxation. The day begins with a brief Yoga session to harmonize your souls, minds, and bodies as the wind ripples through your clothes. Pedal it out by riding the bikes out and explore the village and community. Leisure at its best by lounging at the poolside, reading a book, and playing games.
Day 2

Day 3

The Good-bye

Goodbyes to your therapists, cheerleaders, sidekicks, and confidants are neither the end nor forever.
Day 3

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