3 Days_Rugote “Friend-Cation” Safari

The power of a great friendship is having that one person or a group of people that understand who you are even when you are making absolutely no sense. A safari that connects your friendship with the wild, a connection that can be immersed into the atmosphere and beauty of Murchison Falls National Park.

Package Timeline

Day 1

The Travel Sojourn

Traveling with amazing friends is having an escape that makes you forget any sorrows and a bubbly heartfelt tribute to each other. Start the safari by tracking one of the Big Five at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. Proceed to the magnificent Murchison Falls National Park not just for the amazing sights of the wilderness, the rest of the Big Four mammals, or the incredible Falls. But to recapture a sense of belonging, a reminder of an unbreakable bond between all of you, and revive the flavors of friendship.
Day 1

Day 2

Safari Glimpse and Cruise

Make your adventure a reality through an early game drive with a backdrop of extraordinary savannah plains, a scenic wide gorge, and sights of diverse wildlife such as The Four of the Big Five; Elephants, Lions, Buffaloes and Leopards, The Ugly 4; Hyenas, Vultures, Marabou Storks, and Warthogs and many others. An afternoon Boat Cruise will give you up-close sights and sounds to the thunderous roar at the bottom of the waterfalls, wildlife along the Banks of River Nile such as Nile Crocodiles, Hippos, Monitor Lizards and a variety of birds such as the iconic African Fish Eagle, the rare Shoebill Stork, and many others. Anyone can be serious all the time in hikes of nature but it takes real friends to be silly with each other when there is something spectacular at the top of the falls. So take a hike to the top of the falls to marvel at the panoramic beauty of the Nile.
Day 2

Day 3

The Intriguing End

Set your friendship on fire with a thrill-seeking adventure of Chimpanzee trekking. Deep down, we are all travelers and it is a remarkable experience tracking and watching these unique primates with an honest friend. Begin the Human trek back to Kampala to your preferred destinations.
Day 3

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