Why you should save money to travel to Uganda on Holiday in 2020.

There are many ways to save money when planning to travel to your destination whether by Bus, Plane, Train or Cruise. No one wants to be disappointed by highly-priced travel costs when planning to travel for different personal and important holidays.

Starting with February, most people do not think that Valentine’s Day 14th should be celebrated seeing that it is also not recognized as a public holiday. Rugote African Tours is here to dispute that notion by being able to provide “Abakundeine” Lovebird packages for couples to celebrate the love theme of the month. Since it is on a Friday this year, many people can take the day off work to enjoy a complete weekend with their partner.

In the month of March, the role and importance of women are celebrated on the 8th. Rugote African Tours will be able to provide unique packages from “The Cations” tailor-made to honor women.

In the month of April, for the Christians, celebrate the remembrance of Jesus being crucified, his death and his rising from the dead. All this, for the sins of God’s children to be washed away. Rugote African Tours will be able to provide a four day Easter Weekend package from 10th – 13th.

In the month of May, the core of Labour Day on the 1st is to spend the day off work with your loved ones. Mother’s day is always celebrated on different dates of the year depending on the country one is in. Showing appreciation towards mothers and mother bond figures in the society is on the 10th. Rugote African Tours has unique packages that can be tailored towards the “day of rest” and “Mother Appreciation Day”.

In the month of June, Honour fathers and father bond figures in the world through a celebration on the 21st. Rugote African Tours will be able to provide unique packages towards “Father Appreciation Day”.

In the month of October, the National Independence day on the 9th is celebrated. Being on a Friday, Rugote African Tours will be able to provide packages designed to show the pride destinations of the country for the whole weekend.

The festive holidays in the month of December are a peak travel season. Take advantage of the best festive packages with Rugote African Tours days before, during and after Christmas day 25th and, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. “One would be advised to book in 2-3 months prior”.

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