How to avoid conflict before traveling.

  • Planning early and ahead can help one dodge a number of friends and family that they would not want to travel with for a holiday or safari or vacation. This is because some of them might not get days off work and many other reasons that cannot be suitable for the dates chosen hastily.
  • Everyone has a different parenting style. That said, every parent should respectfully give their children rules to abide by when travelling. This is to avoid inconveniences, frustration and confusion amongst the different people travelling.
  • In order for people to have a great time without quarrelling and blaming each other, professional help should be considered for example from a Tour and Travel company (Rugote African Tours). This will assist in identifying, creating and choosing activities according to the travellers’ age demographic.
  • “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” – Virginia Woolf. Food is the glue that sticks us together thus making it a very crucial fragment in any travel. Before one travels to any destination, they should make sure that the host or tour operator or friend is already aware of any food or dietary restrictions.
  • Preparing to travel with someone or some people that you have unresolved issues with can take a page out of the book. “Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional” – Max Lucado. This means having issues between or amongst yourselves is inevitable but how you handle the misunderstandings is optional. Prior to travelling, it would be best to put the disputes aside and take the high road for the sake of the family (incase it is family retreat) or a relationship (incase it is a couples getaway) or a friendship (incase it is a group of friends) and a wanderer (incase it is a solo traveller). This is to avoid anxiety and tension during the Trip.

World Peace begins with Inner Peace

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